Island of Joy

Gozo is known as the ‘Island of Joy’. You will feel the instant calmness in the air here as soon as you step foot off the ferry. With beautiful landscapes, cobbled and quaint streets, majestic Churches and boundless blue sea you will surely feel revived after your stay with us on this Gem in the Med.

Gozo has been hailed as the warmest country in all of Europe, blessed with an average of 300 days of sunshine a year! This shines through in every local you meet. Locals are all very warm and friendly and always willing to help tourists with any queiries. English is spoken by all, Gozitan is the official language spoken by the locals which is very similar to Maltese. Malta lies only 5km away but Gozo is distinctly different in it’s pace of life and conservation which makes it a lovely getaway for a Yoga Holiday!!

You can choose amongst a wide selection of activities while visiting Gozo. Activities include snorkelling, diving, rock climbing, abseiling, kayaking, hiking and biking, or on the more cultural level you can explore ancient temples and majestic Churches. There are also many great local and foreign artists on the island. Gozo reminds me of a hidden treasure, the more you explore the more you will find!


Internation Living’s 2011 Quality of Life Index Reveals Best Climate in the World…


Two countries have tied for first place with the best climate on earth in this year’s Quality of Life Index, published last week in International Living magazine.

Climate is one of nine categories that go in to calculating the countries with the best quality of life in the annual International Living index. Sharing top scores for climate in the 2011 index are Malta and Zimbabwe.

Of the two, Malta is our favorite, says International Living magazine Editor Eoin Bassett. “But with 5.2 hours of sunshine a day, a stable government and economy, Malta is a very strong draw for expats. And it’s English-speaking.”

Anchored almost in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, 60 miles from the Italian island of Sicily, frost and snow are mostly unknown in Malta, and the temperature nudges 70 degrees Fahrenheit even in November.

The five islands that make up Malta aren’t on everyone’s radar, and are mostly unheard of by Americans. About 500,000 Maltese live on the largest, more sophisticated main island, and most have a lively urban lifestyle. Homes and apartments here attract an international set as do the historic harbors and five-star hotels.

Crime hardly exists, the locals are hospitable and the health care is excellent. There aren’t any property taxes, and the U.S. expats who benefit most from living here are those who retain earnings from elsewhere that they then elect to get taxed in Malta, at 15%.

At roughly twice the size of Washington D.C., it’s easy to socialize with other expats.

There’s regular 90-minute ferry service to Sicily and a modern airport at Luqa with flights to numerous other European countries, including Rome, just one hour away by plane.

Along with its top climate ranking, Malta’s many other virtues combined to earn it third place overall in the 2011 Quality of Life index, beaten only by New Zealand and the U.S.

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The United Nations’ UNU-EHS (United Nations University – Institute for Environment and Human Security), in its just-published World Risk Report 2011, lists MALTA and Qatar as the safest nations on earth among all the 173 countries surveyed, especially with regards to natural disasters, climate change and social vulnerability, as well as the countries’ coping capabilities to deal with disasters and crises. The report’s focal topic is “governance and civil society.

Commenting on the results and findings of this report, the CEO of Malta’s Tourism Authority (MTA), Josef Formosa Gauci, said that “the 2011 WRR highlights and formally recognizes what many people around the world have known for a long time – that the Maltese islands are a very safe destination in all aspects, be they climactic, social, geological etc. This fact, coupled with the country’s long-standing reputation for warm hospitality and its unique heritage and culture, make Malta and Gozo a compelling destination for the widest possible spectrum of visitors hailing from all over the world”.


The report, in full, may be accessed by visiting the UNU’s site

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