A moment in meditation… try this.

Pick a nice quiet place and lie down, on your back. Close your eyes, let your eyeballs fall to the back of your skull, part your lips slightly, allow  the tongue fall soften on all sides and release it from meeting the roof of the mouth… and start to breathe..deeply. Inhaling thru the nose, exhaling from the back of your throat to create a sound like that of the wind, or ocean, or Darth Vader….let your body sink and surrender deeper down into the ground upon each exhale…breath in the new, exhale and let go of the old…

Feel your body grow heavy, let go… SURRENDER.. your now lying in CORPSE pose… Behind your eyes start to visualise your favourite place to be. The place you feel most at peace, at ease and happy. Start to visualise all the sights, the colours, smell the scents, hear the sounds…Place yourself there in this moment in time… then notice how you feel when your in your favourite place to be…and hold onto that feeling…and take yourself there whenever you feel the need.

Just turn your eyes to the inside and take yourself to your place of peace…it’s that easy!