“Yoga provides a pose for most ailments and moods. It’s helped me and many others cure numerous issues in body and mind. It helps one to make wiser choices that are in line with what one wants to create in their life.”

  • No flexibility required

You don’t have to be vegetarian, earthy, wear beads or tight leggings, bandanas or tattoos. You can drink, smoke and still practise yoga. What yoga tries to teach us is balance and to do more of what makes us feel good. Most people who are attracted to yoga are looking for some kind of balance or change in their lives, to feel more connected to themselves. Yoga will provide all of this and more with some effort.

  • Why practise yoga?

The benefits of the practice are numerous. You must feel them to believe them and for that to happen you must practise. The connection you create to yourself becomes strong and true and you enjoy being you – with all your quirks, strengths, weaknesses and all that inflexibility. Self love is served ‘a la carte.’

  • Mind is the arrow, Body is the bow, Breath points you back to the soul.

If you’re feeling depressed, insecure, disconnected, inflexible and/or physically and mentally weak and you’re looking for an escape route that simultaneously digs deeper to your true connection, then DO YOGA. COME BACK TO YOU!


Michelle Bartolo (www.michellebartoloyoga.com) is a Canadian yoga teacher who is currently travelling around South America. She discovered yoga 17 years ago, when her life was a blur of work and partying. Yoga allowed her to let go of many unhealthy addictions and relationships and she decided to make a career out if it almost immediately. She did her teacher training in India and has since taught all over the world, hosting retreats in Morocco, Malta and Mexico. 

Her next retreat will be held in Gozo from 9 – 16 September. It includes 12 classes, accommodation and healthy breakfasts. An additional retreat will be held in Gozo from 29 September – 1 October.

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