Yes, yes I know .. it sounds a wee bit touché BUT manners never go a miss no matter where or what you’re doing, these are based on common sense and courtesy and will help everyone’s Yoga experience be more comfortable.

*Turn your mobile phones OFF please.

Mobiles should  not to be placed next to your mat, but left in the back of class in your bag.  Make it a habit to switch your phone off as soon as you enter class to avoid distracting the rest of the class.

* Please be punctual

If you are running late and the door is not yet locked please come in without a peep and choose a spot at the back of the class. Quietly unfold your mat, try and test yourself to come in unnoticed. NO RUNNING no matter what. Be respectful and aware of the other people around you ..always!

*Walk in and drop your day off at the door.  Meet yourself on your mat, I now have a SILENCE POLICY, which means no talking before/during or after class unless it is a queiry regarding Yoga.  Yoga is about connecting your mind & body, notice how you feel after class. Yoga class is not time for socialising, we can do that after class over dinner or a drink in any case 😉

* If you come across an empty mat on the floor it has been placed there for someone else. Please choose your own mat and another spot.

* Allow Space

When you choose your spot in class be sure that you haven’t gone too close to someone else who was there before you. Respect one’s space (grazzi)

*PLEASE do not throw things ie socks, across someones face during class (yes, it’s happened!)

*Walk AROUND other people’s mats, not on them (please)

*Conversation is a no go during class, keep your focus inwards. As soon as you speak to someone else you’ve taken them to the outside, not what we wanna do in Yoga.  Try not to distract another student to ask them something. Watch and Listen to your Teacher. (pour  favor)

* Smile ALOT & LAUGH *Seriousness causes Stiffness  😉 (keeping it light and silent in meditation, why of course)

* IF during meditation you have to move, please do so slowly and as quietly as possible so as not to disturb anyone else. Make your movements part of your meditation (gracias)

* Yoga is a DISCIPLINE, practice AWARENESS.



We can all enjoy being in one’s company if we always consider the others around us.

Peace from Thee Knees

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