Men’s Only Yoga Classes commencing Friday September 6th

Anchelique Yoga PT ( and myself are happy to present a Yoga class just for men. We will run this class every Friday evening so feel free to drop in or contact me on info@michellebartoloyoga for more information.

*6.30pm-7.45pm (75min)

*54 Cathedral Str/Lily Agius Gallery, Sliema

* 10 x classes = 100 euros

* 1 x class = 12 euros

*Classes will be ongoing

More on Yoga 4 Men:

” I unrolled my BLACK mat near someone else’s pink one, beside someone else’s painted toenails and a pile of voguish flip-flops. Now, my fellow MATES are probably engaged in some testosterone-fueled sprint, while I’m grunting loudly to stay balanced on my forearms. I’m inverted and self-conscious: In a class filled with women, I alone am emitting primal noises ”

This is the reason why we’ve created a class HIM only. Besides all physical benefits of realigning imbalance, posture and flexibility. This is a safe place for the male to explore all the other benefits of increased energy, well being, better focus & a clearer mind by adding meditation to your routine.

Yoga is thee best MediZen 😉

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