Sun Salutations to Welcome the Winter Solstice held LIVE IN GHARB and also LIVE ON ZOOM!
The darkest day of the year is near which leads us into the colder winter season as well as longer days.
‘we steep in the darkness and welcome the light with the turning of the season on December 21st.
In the yogic tradition 108 Sun Salutations are practiced with the changing of the season – preparing the body for the season to come while cleansing it from the past season.

Why 108?
* 1 represents our oneness and our connection to everything
* 0 represents nothingness, darkness
* 8 represents infinity and the infinite nature of the universal energy and our selves.

The Salutes become a moving meditation. We are able to dive deep into the connection of mind, body & spirit.
108 sounds like alot but you will be surprised how the time goes by faster than you think – we take a short childs pose after every set of 20 to feel the effects.
All levels welcome as modifications are given.

Suggested minimum Donation of 10 euros to Dreams of Horses Organisation in Gozo that use rescued horses therapeutically for people in need.

When: Wednesday December 21st
Where: 17 Triq L-Isoqf Mikiel Molina Str
& LIVE ON ZOOM (email to book)
Time: 7am CET (usually takes 1.5 hours or less)
Booking is necessary as space is limited to 10 LIVE in class

Looking forward to sharing our last sun salutes of 2022!

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