Satya – May your Truth be told

Hola compadres! I wish this newsletter finds you in a space of peace & truth

In my private YTT this month we are currently studying the Chapter Satya (Truth) from a book that acts like a bible for me (The Yamas & Niyamas, Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice by Deborah Adele).

In the past few weeks I realised I wasn’t sharing my truth out of fear of how it would be received. I felt strongly that this truth I was carrying inside had to live outside.

I was inspired by a talk about the Pandemic by Dr Zach Bush
who’s heart and truth is wide open for all to hear. I admired his courage in going against the mainstream & in turn I followed my need to expose my truth – and yes there were repercussions from many who seem to have forgotten that we are all free to share our truth, that we have freedom of speech and that it’s ok to have different opinions & not have to convince anyone of anything. Fighting against each other is not a conducive way of creating peace in our world which we are in desperate need of.

It made me feel a bit sad to think how many of us hold our truths inside, in fear of what may happen if we share what’s in our hearts. I wonder if we are just surrounded in an environment that doesn’t support our truth?

Truth IS your identity & it’s not meant to live only on the inside.


Do you have a truth inside you are not expressing?
Why do you not feel free to express that truth?
Imagine how free you would feel if you did express that truth?

Begin to visualise expressing that truth in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone yet sets you free…


This doctors courage and connection to both spirit & science  restored my faith & inspired me to share it – always look for & follow that inspiration – that voice that resonates with what is in your heart.

I am also so grateful to be sharing a life with a partner who’s views coincide with mine – to feel supported, heard and understood. Please know that you deserve to be SEEN & your view is worthy.

SATYA (truth) be with you


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“Truth never damages a cause that is just.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Wishing you all peace with your truth 😉

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