The Search.

(for the Yoga teacher and class that most suits you)


The world of Yoga can be mighty confusing initially.

There are soooo many different types of classes held in multitudes of different environments, along side choosing the teacher that most resonates with you  ~ whew! It can be a task that’s daunting even before you’ve found it!

Kind of like most relationships 😉 But the ones we find that work pretty effortlessly are incredibly gratifying.

We strive in a world of wanting individuality , so it’s pretty important you find the class and teacher that leads you to this (and relationships!)

Research the types of Yoga available. Yoga is a pretty important practice so choose it as wisely and with as many questions as you would present your real estate agent or your car dealer.  Then take it for a test drive before you decide. See what ‘clicks’ with you.  Listen to what your body/mind says ‘YES!’ to.

You may end up going through so many teachers and classes before you find what really works for you.

Then that may change…

As you change your needs and wants also change, the teacher you were once really happy with may not ‘do’ it for you any longer, get back on that path and find another. Getting ‘stuck’ is exactly what you don’t want to do.

Yoga teaches us fluidity

Keep flowing.

Do listen to that inner voice.

I’ve been in many classes myself where everything about the class did not resonate with me. I’ve had to stop myself from just walking out of the class which is a big thumbs down in the Yoga world (mercy forgive that you may offend your ego-less Yoga teacher!)

Personally, in my classes I would rather a student leave the room silently if they are finding the class is not for them instead of going through something that just isn’t suiting them or their needs. Unless there is a resistance to something other?

Remember: Class is for you. To meet you where you’re at. If a teacher’s ego is dented by that, it’s not your problem.

May the force be with you 😉



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