Sadhanas are back!

They will be in a different format each time depending on my existing schedule.

This Spring Sadhana will be an 11 day practice for releasing the stories we tell ourselves that are just not true, that often stem from our fears.

11 Day Spring Sadhana
June 3 – June 13th
@ 7 – 7.30am CET
75 euros 

We will begin practice with a 5 min meditation, a bit of a warmup and then the Kriya set which happens seated with arm movements and breath work (suitable for all levels).

We will meet online LIVE on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays and on  Wednesdays & Fridays you will practice on your own with the provided recording as I am unable to be present with you on those days.

If you feel the call and our theme ignites a reaction or curiosity within you drop me a line and lets get you signed in.

Looking forward to practicing together again!!
Michelle x

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