And if I fall down then I never ask for someone to pull me back up.

I ask for strength to climb back up myself.

And if I am confused and feeling lost then I never ask someone to guide me or show me the way.

I ask for clairvoyance and deeper trust into my own seeing.

And if it gets dark then I never ask someone else’s lamp to light my way.

I ask for my inner light to shine brighter so that I could light my own path.

It all doesn’t mean that I’m too individual, or not ready to ask for help… it means that I know I have the capabilities to take care of myself, it means that I love to take the responsibility of my own life, it means that I want to use my own inner knowing, to count on my own inner sensing, to find and embrace my own inner power.

I wish everyone to find their own strength. I want to look into the eyes of every single person, to really look into them, to meet them truly as they are, to see their own strength, their own inner wisdom and to reflect it right back at them. So they could remember.

I don’t wish to pull out anyone from the depths of their own learnings, as I wouldn’t want myself to be pulled out. I wish them to realize their own power, as I realize it every single time I fall down and need to get back up. I wish them to awaken to their own inner light and clairvoyance, as I awaken it more and more every single time I find myself in the darkness of my own being.

Instead of being pulled out, I wish to be looked into my eyes and to be reminded that I have my own inner strength, to be reminded to use my own inner wisdom, my own inner power.

I wish we could all have a chance to learn, grow and experience ups and downs to rise above our past selves, to be wiser, more loving, and able to acknowledge our own power, to reclaim our own inner strength, to remember and embrace our own true worth.

– Marelle Kaelep

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