This workshop will offer a variety of wellness aspects putting us in touch with our capabilities and self reliance = SAKSHAM

MBY & Amber Riya are collaborating to bring you a weekend full of Kundalini, Sound Healing & a traditional Tea Ceremony in the heart of Gharb, Gozo.

Our afternoon will begin with a traditional Tea Ceremony using the highest quality organic puerh teas from the Yunnan region of China the tea ceremony is a simple and silent moment of bliss that cannot really be described but is felt deeply in one’s own experience. This old tradition reaches us with timeless wisdom for the modern age, it is an invitation for us to slow down and settle into ourselves.

Following tea time will be a Kundalini class where Michelle and Amber join forces to create a special class combining the power of a kundalini kriyas set for Self Reliance with the power of sound and the human voice. This class will be a blend of the upbeat and energising as well as soft and soul-nourishing.

When practiced, this kriya helps us to connect with our internal compass to know the truth within. We connect with the infinite self upon which we can rely.

Radiance is blocked by fears. Fear comes with dependence. The only dependence that is acceptable is complete dependence on the Guru in YOU and wisdom, for that will lead to self-reliance vanishing all fears. If your self-reliance is strong, you are protected and those that are with you are protected.

The first exercise balances the aura, while putting pressure on the liver to stimulate cleansing; the second and third exercises open the heart centre to generate self-compassion and surrender of the ego to infinite wisdom; the fourth exercise increases circulation of blood in the liver; the fifth exercise directs the flow of sexual energy upwards and the sixth exercise brings the realisation that as a finite identity we dwell in infinite wisdom. This realisation develops Self-reliance. – KYT

Amber Riya will then lead you through a Sound Healing Ceremony

Music is the old art form that is absolutely loved by every human being on the planet. This, we believe, is because it has transcendent qualities. It resonates with our emotions and through our bodies and minds to create an experience that is beyond this world. Sound healing gives the opportunity for such a transcendent experience in a meditative and healing space. Come
for a journey through the emotions to a place of peace and rest.

Come for an experience of simple yet profound meditation.

If you don’t have Self Reliance what do you have? – Yogi Bhajan

Saturday Workshop

* 14.00 – 15.00 – Traditional Tea Ceremony with Amber Riya

* 15.00 – 17.00 – KriyaAsana for Self Reliance with Live Music

* 17.00 – 18.00 – Healing Sound Ceremony


* 70 euros – full payment required to book your spot – Limited to 10 people only –
Payments via Revolut to # 99670342
BOV direct deposit
Michelle Bartolo
Account: 16606250015

* Exact address will be given once you are booked

*All levels are welcome
*Blocks and mats provided

SatNamNamaste x

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