The Journey back to the Heart is CRUCIAL in the Golden Era. As we continue to live from a space of authenticity, vulnerability and compassion, being able to lead with our hearts allows us to not only recognise the other person as ourselves, but also, it helps elevate and heal the collective consciousness on the planet. It’s a journey to the heart. We must be willing to do the work to heal and transmute our trauma, limiting beliefs, and the stories we’ve been telling ourselves that have kept us playing small.

Anahata, the Heart Chakra is developed between the ages of 22-28. There’s no accident that most of our 20s we are doing the true work of self-discovery. Allowing ourselves to heal the lower triangle that was developed before we turn 21, we find ourselves loving our inner child, seeing what’s happening with our perspective about ourselves and the world at large.

Passion and Compassion come from the heart. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, we are able to expand ourselves as we are able to see the connection amongst all where there is no place where I end and you begin. We are all in this together and as we live from our heart centres, we are able to infuse the world with the love it’s been waiting for.

Healing the lower triangle allows us the capacity to come from a space of being grounded and able to connect our physical 3D reality to our 5D collective consciousness that’s unified with love. The upper triangle represents the throat, third eye, and the crown, AKA our Spiritual body. The heart is the centre piece that allows the balance of the physical body and the spiritual body, which allows us to expand our minds, keeping our feet on the ground and our head in the stars. – Modern Mystic, Kundalini Yoga

MBY will be collaborating with Ahmed Elaasar Yoga who guides vinyasa & YIN yoga classes in Los Angeles. We both met at a Landmark course in LA while working through some deep inner issues and are now planning to collaborate our creative heart forces to share our lessons with you.

Dates: February 15 – 17th

Location: Dreams by Hamlet, Ghasri / Gozo


Private room for 1 = 600 euros
Sharing a room for 2 = 400 euros

What’s Included:

* 2 nights accommodation in a 5 star Farmhouse with jacuzzi and ping pong table :)) onsite sauna, heated floors, tranquil country views & more (check out the link above to see this amazing property)
* Private Ensuite bathrooms
* Vegetarian Welcome Dinner & Meditation
* 3 x KriyaAsana, Vinyasa & Yin classes all 1.5hrs long
(KriyaAsana by MBY, Vinyasa & Yin by Ahmed)
* All meals are included and will be vegetarian – sourced with local fresh produce
* 1 personal Kriya to practice for 40 days and mentoring by MBY
* 1 group hike

Not Included:

* Transport
* Ferry tickets
* Massages (but I can organise a therapist to come to our retreat home if you make a request by Feb 1st)


For dietary restrictions please inform us asap
All levels are welcome
Full payment secures your spot. Please private message Michelle Bartolo Yoga for payments
Space is limited to 10 participants

PLEASE NOTE: THERE WILL BE NO WIFI ON IN OUR RETREAT HOME AS WE WILL BE PRACTICING PRESENCE. If you are insistent on using your personal data then we will restrict you to do that in your bedroom only as we really invite you all to do a digital detox for just a couple days and see how it feels…

About Ahmed:

Ahmed developed his love and passion for yoga while on a ‘reconnecting-with-his-roots’ trip to Cairo a number of years ago. It was the strong physical practice that first attracted him to yoga but amidst the noise and chaos of Cairo he fell in love with yoga as each guiding breath helped centre him and calm his mind.

He had tried yoga a few times before but it didn’t seem to fit into his active lifestyle; yet this very lifestyle resulted in some nagging injuries and he quickly discovered that his yoga practice doubled as physical therapy, aiding his recoveries. The flexibility and strength gains also helped reduce future injuries as he worked sports back into his daily life in Los Angeles.

Ahmed is an E-RYT-200 certified yoga teacher having completed his 200-hour Holistic Yoga Flow training and an additional 80 hours of advanced yoga training whilst his passion for yin yoga led him to complete 140 hour of yin training, 100 of which were completed with one of the pioneers of this style, Paul Grilley.

About MBY (Michelle Bartolo Yoga):

Michelle is Maltese/Canadian and has lived in Toronto, Ireland, Malta, Morocco & LA and is currently residing in Gozo. She certified 14 years ago in an ashram in India with a 500 hr certification in Transformational Yoga by Yoga Alliance International.

She has been guiding yoga classes, retreats and privates for 14 years. In the past 7 years she has added Kundalini to her Asana practice. She has supported refugee women through the Red Cross in Malta guiding them through healing yoga sessions. In Morocco she taught a group of homeless children and loves the dynamic healing that happens through the practices. MBY is currently guiding 200 hr YTT’s under her own hood of MBY KriyaAsana trainings. She is inspired by the deep healing these practices provided for her own traumas and how the students who are drawn to her suffer from similar traumas. She is continuously awed by the incredible beings who are willing to do this work and to witness the transformations, she loves to travel and be open to the fluid flow of life.

We will Resolve to Evolve our heart spaces in a safe space of sharing, releasing & connecting.

We are both so looking forward to this collaboration and sharing our practices with you all

SatNamNamaste x

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