Dini Martinez & I will be hosting a workshop infusing hip opening sequences for releasing and long held seated yin poses for restoring. This workshop is suitable for all levels.

I will be leading a warmup followed by hip opening sequences. Here is some information on the hips:

*Most often a place for a woman’s centre of gravity, this reflects a deeper connection to this area and the emotions it can hold. For men, the pelvis is the seat of directive movement in the human body, imperative to proper alignment, balance and posture. Our peripheral nervous system, involved in the stimulation of emotional response in addition to other functions, establishes connections in the hip area to promote survival in times of emotional stress.

In Yoga we often refer to the HIPS as the ‘junk drawer’ of the body, whatever we don’t want to deal with goes there. Through deep opening hip postures we can find some release which initiates a calming effect.

Dini will be leading the YIN practice. If you’ve never heard of YIN yoga here is further information:

In Yin Yoga we reach out to the lunar, feminine, cooler and passive side of our beings – countering and balancing the hectic activity of every-day life.
During the session seated poses are held for up to five minutes, letting go of any muscular tensions and alignment issues. This allows the body to release traumas in different koshas, or layers, which have possibly been stored there for years or even decades. As the yin areas of the body like
our connective tissue, ligaments and bones, are accessed in the serene stillness of a yin practice, we open our whole selves up to boundless opportunities and endless possibilities.

Letting go of old stresses and sorrows you no longer need, be prepared to leave this practice feeling profoundly relaxed and at peace on a physical,mental and emotional level.

Right in time for the Christmas hussle!! :))

Date: Sunday November 30th
Time: 15.00 – 18.00
Cost: 30 euros
Location: 54 Cathedral St, Lily Agius Gallery (Exposed Art)

For bookings contact Michelle Bartolo:
email: info@michellebartoloyoga.com
mob: 99280664

To find out more about us:

Dini Martinez

Michelle Bartolo Yoga

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