This unique blend has been a favourite of mine for the past 5 years now.

I often got stopped and asked what the scent was I was wearing so decided to share my custom blend for others to enjoy.

PRAGYA is a sanskrit word meaning WISDOM – may we use what we can to help us grow on 😉

I created this blend when I packed my life up to travel the open road with few plans and no place to call home.

I chose VETIVER for it’s grounding qualities, ROSE for keeping me centred in my heart & BERGAMOT to ease anxiety, create calmness and creativity.

All oils used are sourced from a special apothecary in Boulder, Colorado called Rebecca’s Apothecary.

They grow all their own wild & organic plants and extract their own oils from them.

10ml perfume = 15 euros + shipping costs if applicable.

A great gift idea for the holiday season


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