I’m inspired to share such a potent practice with you all. The inspiration came to me through many students feedback stating they just didn’t have the discipline to stick to a consistent practice. I know how much I LOVE these 40 day Sadhanas and the beginning of the year is when I always do one […]

The Quality of your Life Depends on the Quality of your Breath  Greetings Compadres! Fall has finally arrived here in Gozo with cooler temperatures and rain (yay) turning our landscape from shades of brown to green. Fall has always been my favourite season. In the Yoga Tradition it’s believed that this is the Spiritual New […]

Our monthly workshops will continue through the winter! Seeing that the Fall season is all about RELEASE we will work with a kirya set for SELF RELIANCE. When practiced, this kriya helps us to connect with our internal compass to know the truth within. We connect with the infinite self upon which we can rely. […]