MBY Kundalini Kriya Workshop For those who are seasoned to the practice and equally for those who are not & would like a taster of what this practice is all about. We will be working with a few specific sequences for strength, freedom & courage. The morning will consist of meditation & movement practices. We […]

These mediation and sound baths are recorded live from our home studio every month . Fire Earth & Ether usually takes place in Gozo, Malta every two weeks and we hope to get that going once restrictions loosen a bit more. Under the current circumstances (Covid-19) we decided to record and share it virtually in […]

Resistance & Avoidance  Hi there compadres – I hope you are taking good care of yourselves whichever situation this pandemic may have you in. I’m a bit tardy in my newsletter sending this month – believe it or not it’s one thing I resist and avoid yet when I get it done I always feel […]