Bye for now Malta

Thanks to all of you on Malta & Gozo for supporting my love and practise of yoga over the past 10 years. My next ‘plan’ is to practise my preach of fluid flow as I leap into the great unknown to see what’s in store for this soul in me that is craving more growth […]

108 Sun Salutations for Spring Equinox / Sunday March 20th / Malta


The changing of the seasons – time to plant new seeds in fertile soil 😉 So here we have 108 Sun Salutations to open us up for new growth. Divine Sound will be filling the air with some bhakti beats. The March equinox marks the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary […]

Full Moon Yoga Tune // Sunday Feb 21st @ 18.30pm // Sliema

FULL MOON YOGA TUNE *Sunday February 21st / 2016 *Tme: 18.30 *Location: Oppostie Preluna Hotel, Sliema down on the rocks by the sea. *Donation based class and please bring your own mat *Please email me: info@michellebartoloyoga with any further questions.