February’s Intensive will focus on Heart Opening sequences. Just as you can practice heart opening in your thoughts and emotions, you can also experience opening the heart in your physical body, and you can truly feel the expansion. I kid you not. ‘The Heart is where the home is’ Here is more info on how a […]

  After having leafed through so many Yoga teachers bio’s, it dawned on me that where they’ve been and who they’ve trained with served  little purpose. Those teachers who actually got down to the nitty gritty about how Yoga stepped into their lives and what lead them there is what really resonated with me. Sharing the […]

                                                                            The Nature of Sankalpa        Swami Anandakumar Saraswati The sankalpa is a chosen resolution made during the practice of yoga nidra. It could be said that the main purpose of yoga nidra is to realize one’s sankalpa. Whether this is true or not, sankalpa has the potential to release tremendous power by clearly […]