108 Sun Salutations to Welcome Spring! Bring on the LIGHT 🙂 LIVE IN GHARB and also LIVE ON ZOOM! Spring is a time of change, growth, renewal and revitalisation. In the yogic tradition 108 Sun Salutations are practiced with the changing of the season – preparing the body for the season to come while cleansing […]

A soothing & cosy Sunday session of Yoga & Sound with Fire, Earth & Ether. Join us in our Yoga Womb Room where you will be lead through a soft and smooth Yoga session. We will build that inner fire gently & open our tight inner spaces sensing the earth below us as the fireside […]

Sounds into Silence On this retreat day you get time to dive into Kundalini Mantras, breathwork and lots of silence to feel the effects of it all. To strengthen this inner seeing, self reflection. The mantras have a vibration to them which heals body, mind & spirit. We will warm up our bodies, warm up […]