Can you feel your heart? Can you express how it feels? Can you feel the infinite love you are capable of? This workshop will work with a set of movements that energise our hearts capacity for love inside & out. It will strengthen the energy we carry so more love vibrations come our way  When: […]

“No matter the state of the world, or how dark the shadow that has fallen on our city, I find it curiously comforting to know that if you plant a seed and give it sunlight and water, it will grow.” Sarah Jio – All the Flowers in Paris Lizzie Riches – Growing With the Garden

In both Yoga & Pottery you must have a solid centred base to start, learn to stay attentive, do not let yourself be pulled, stay strong but soft, be still, gentle but very precise, stay slow and patient. MBY KriyaAsana Yoga by Michelle Bartolo will focus on Waking Up the heart centre – our hands […]