Inspiration struck me to share such a potent practice with you all. The inspiration came to me through many students feedback stating they just didn’t have the discipline to stick to a consistent practice. I know how much I LOVE these 40 day Sadhanas and the beginning of the year is when I always do […]

Keeping the tradition alive come join us for 108 Sun Salutations as we honour the change of season with 108 Sun Salutations – cleansing the body mind and spirit for new growth like the flowers that bloom at this time of year. Date: Sunday March 20th in Gharb and live online via ZOOM Time: 8.00 […]

This 6 week course will run two mornings every week Tuesdays & Fridays LIVE ON ZOOM from 6.30 – 7.30am CET The practices will include breathwork, movements of kriyas, asanas & meditation. The course is progressive which is why no drop ins will be allowed. The full 6 week course will allow us to grow […]