Numerology Forecast for October 2019: Strengthen Your Nervous System and Maintain Your Equilibrium By Nam Hari Kaur We are entering the final 90 day countdown of a decade, and much is spinning in the collective ethos. There is a sense of longing for so much more than we have previously allowed ourselves, combined with the […]

Here’s a few short videos with descriptions of their benefits & instruction PROSPERITY KRIYA All aspects of prosperity; mainly courage & character – the things money can’t buy – prosperity comes from within BENEFITS: To become rich & prosperous with wealth and values is to have the strength to come through it. It means transmissions […]

August Newsletter Aligning with the planetary times as they are back in their natural orbits – we are now supported & set to propel forward with our creative heartfelt instincts & discoveries. During the next 10 weeks we are supported with our ability to co ordinate, put things together & understand the whole in all its partsAugusts […]