On Summer Solstice & Gozo’s 1st International Yoga Day we held a kids yoga class here in Gozo and we all had a lot of fun. One girl said ” We should do yoga all day instead of going to school!” Why Yoga for Kids? Refining flexibility and balance. Yoga poses have been shown to build muscle, […]

Gozo had it’s first International Yoga Day up in the Cittadel on Friday June 21st and it was great to be a part of this seed that is being planted. The day started with a meditation and 108 Sun Salutations as each teacher took their turn and shared their style, we all flowed together as […]

I have just come out of running a 3 day silent retreat in Gozo for two sisters and it was a beautiful experience to witness There were no words – just love, support & a safe space to draw inwards – time to rest- to find their own inner power in their own way – […]