Join us live in class here in Gozo or live online for our tradition of 108 Sun Salutes to honour the next shift in season and cleanse our minds & bodies in preparation. Winter Solstice is often said to be a time of new beginnings; with the changing of the seasons, we say goodbye to […]

Our first Sadhana of the year will be a New Year 21 Day Sadhana instead of 40 days this time around Welcome in the New Year with the commitment to you We will meet every day except for Wednesdays (you will follow the recording this day as I have a private session I cannot cancel) […]

Let’s create on the inside what the world needs. Love one self to be able to offer love to others and continue to spread the seeds of LOVE, compassion & peace. We will tune inwards to the inner lightto offer yourself love. This course will help you clearly see your capacity and creativity as you […]