This unique blend has been a favourite of mine for the past 5 years now. I often got stopped and asked what the scent was I was wearing so decided to share my custom blend for others to enjoy. PRAGYA is a sanskrit word meaning WISDOM – may we use what we can to help […]

2 0 2 0  VISION Greetings earthlings! Here it is, the last newsletter of 2020 with gifts for mind & body in hope that all is well and healthy in your worlds. I’d like to share a personal journey I went through a couple months ago. A cyst was found in my left ovary that […]

FIRE EARTH & ETHER is our Soundbath & Meditation group made up of me, Michelle Bartolo and my musically very talented partner Mawk Phoenix (more of him on youtube)   We decided to record live sessions from our home studio in Gozo every two weeks to help ease your tension and wash away your worries. […]