The inability to receive support from others is a trauma response. Your “I don’t need anyone, I’ll just do it all myself” conditioning is a survival tactic. And you needed it to shield your heart from abuse, neglect, betrayal, and disappointment from those who could not or would not be there for you. From the […]

Awakening the Ten Bodies: Hola compadres! I hope this newsletter finds you in a good inner space while the world navigates it’s way around viruses, vaccinations and freedom of choice. It’s been a hot sweaty start to the summer here in Gozo. We kicked off Summer with 108 Sun Salutations with a group of 6 […]

After a lovely summer break I’m looking forward to welcoming you all back for our Kundalini Workshops which happen once/month here in Gozo. In September we will be working with a Kriya Set to Detoxify the Mind so we can find more spaces of ease and calm in there  The morning will consist of breathwork, […]