Numerology Forecast for October 2019: Strengthen Your Nervous System and Maintain Your Equilibrium

By Nam Hari Kaur

We are entering the final 90 day countdown of a decade, and much is spinning in the collective ethos. There is a sense of longing for so much more than we have previously allowed ourselves, combined with the desire to find our spiritual soul mates to accompany us in the journey ahead.

A great longing abounds in October, and that is because both the Mastery (month) and Gift (last 2 digits of year), are the number 10. These double 10’s comprise the Heart calculation, and with a Heart number of 20 there is an amplified “longing to belong.”

This longing will manifest itself in many forms, and for the yogis among us there is the opportunity of having a breakthrough that will create alignment and synchronicity with our spiritual destiny.

The only question is, can your nervous system handle it? Yes, number 10 is the nervous system as well as the skeletal structure. Include roots vegetables in your diet, such as sweet potatoes, beets, onions, garlic, and turnips. Celery juice and ginger in any form is good for your nervous system, with ginger having the added benefit of helping the spinal nerves.

A beautiful way to move through the last 90 days of 2019 is to practice the “Breath of Ten Meditation to Become Disease-Free.” It creates a pranic force in the Radiant Body, and repels negativity away from you. You are your own spiritual bodyguard!

One of the ways we can directly help our nervous system is by making good choices in our relationships. This month of October will test your boundaries and the ability to say “No!” when you feel overwhelmed by demanding people. And it will get demanding at times, because the frequency is changing yet again on the planet, and not everyone is in a position to handle it gracefully.

The number 10 represents issues of authority, leadership, courage, and the ability to believe in one’s own capacity to handle a situation. When the Radiant Body and nervous system are strong we have a magnetic presence that attracts opportunity and commands respect. In the positive polarity the number 10 is respectful of others, and is a kind and benevolent ruler. In the negative polarity 10 can be tyrannical, with a “Because I said so!” attitude. A rattling of sabers abounds in October so choose your battles wisely, or just stay out of the ring if things get too crazy. And at times, they will.

It is important to keep a broad perspective along with long range vision in order to best understand what is occurring over the next 90 days. The world is not falling apart, it is just restructuring itself in preparation for greater changes in 2020. These changes will manifest in the positive polarity through creative cooperation and our combined conscious vision.

No matter what anything may look like, there are abundant solutions for a win-win outcome.

Looking towards 2020, the number 2 is a feminine energy number, and represents the themes of harmony, balance, support, and creative cooperation. This is a necessary evolution from the number 1 decade (2010-2019), where the themes of independence, personal domain, and “My way or the highway!” have prevailed at times.

It is interesting to me that in America some of the male political candidates have what we call in the world of women, “An evolved female side.” They are solid men, yet still hold a space of sensitivity and inclusiveness. (Yes!)

It is the balance of the masculine and feminine within us all that is now evolving, and this is how we can save the world and have healthy relationships.

Touching back on the theme of the double 10’s in the Heart calculation, everyone at some point this month will be tested in the area of “not giving oneself away.” This means that where you previously have caved in on your personal boundaries and sense of self-respect, you will now be in a position to recognize, “Hey, that’s not for me, and I’m not doing it that way anymore!”

This is a really huge revelation, and will set the tone for 2020 and beyond. You are worthy of conscious balanced relationships, and it requires an effort on your part to maintain the equilibrium.

Equilibrium is the keynote theme of October, as number 10 embodies the dynamic of, “All or Nothing!” That motto can get quite exhausting, and I know this personally because I am a 10 Soul number. Way back in the early days of my training Yogi Bhajan once said to me, “Not too much, not too little.” A good motto to live by.

Within the scope of the Universal Intelligence there is a gaining momentum for change and evolution. If you are ready, willing, and able to ask the higher powers for help and guidance it will be granted. Just sit in a simple meditative posture and say, “My Dear Heavenly Angel, guide me on the path to my heart’s fulfillment and Soul’s longing. Keep me protected and safe in my journey, and bless those around me with your Grace.”

There you go, happy trails to you, and Sat Nam

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