Negative Emotions can lead us to Expansiveness

Welcome to the Dark Side of the Buddha 🙂

The place where our inner light has grown dim, destructive, rigid & resistant.
We all experience these phases in our life.
It’s nothing to be ashamed of as it’s part of our human experience.
Yet when our inner critic becomes loud on the inside, we become harsh on others.; have you experienced that? What a lesson to learn!

This ‘tool’ has helped me understand the harshness in others and that it’s about their pain and their triggers – I’ve learnt to not take it personally (sometimes).
It’s also taught me that when I fall into that critical headspace it’s time to sit & self reflect more inwards – as our critic sprouts from the inside/out.

What if your negative emotions were showing you what you need to learn about yourself?
What if you could be with those negative emotions instead of suffocating or burying it with a drink, food or some other distraction?
What if your negative emotions could actually lead you to expansion? 

As we work towards strengthening our digestion through this Fall season, we look at how we digest everything. When someone is unkind, when someone cuts you off, is rude etc.
How do you digest life?
Reflecting on how we  digest everything helps to keep the large intestine in good shape as we train it to LET GO of what we hold onto or what may be stagnant.

Anger can also lead us into deeper insights and expansion.
It’s a normal human emotion which can also be healthy or unhealthy.
Gabor Mate (another one of me favourites) speaks of how all these emotions can have a fatal effect on our health.

What’s the difference between healthy anger &  unhealthy anger?
Healthy anger is being angry in the moment, and then letting it go – unhealthy anger is carrying that anger around with you for years upon years only hurting yourself .
More hard truths….yet having this knowledge only places us more in power of our well being. We know our external environments are not in our control, yet our internal ones are.

The power of illness teaches us where we need to EXPAND.

Food for so much thought…

Here is a kriya to help you release what is stored in the large intestine – if your  knees are sensitive this is not for you. Ladies this is not recommended when you are on your cycle or pregnant.

I’d LOVE to hear your answers to any of the above questions and/or any other shares to connect our human threads.
Hearing from readers lets me know more about you
It keeps the cycle alive 😉

“Negative emotion is always the red flag alerting you to the fact that there is something there to learn. It is alerting you that you have come to the crossroads of personal expansion. If you avoid the negative feeling you also avoid the lesson and the expansion” Teal Swan

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If you missed this song last time around….
Produced by Mawk Phoenix / performed by Colleen McMahon

Wishing you everything you wish for and don’t forget to PLAY  & FEEL JOY  :)))
This year is not about getting what we want, it’s about appreciating what we have.

(truth is my identity/the divine in me honours the divine in you/ peace peace)
Michelle x

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