An inspiring retreat location connecting us to nature, yoga, sustainability, permaculture, peace & BLISS:

While in Ayampe, Ecuador this past spring I found a tribe that is doing some incredibly progressive work.

The Retreat Centre is called Wild Child Village, founded by Brett Mazurek: dj, director, editor, photographer,  (notably Future of Energy & surfer. Brett’s partner in WILD is Kylie Ann Love who is a goddess of all things; especially healthful FOOD.

Kylie will be our own personal Chef, preparing all the tastefully fresh local food so if you have any specific dietary needs please share.

Kylie & Brett will be hosting you to make sure you’re stay here is a memory you’ll want to share.

An incredible couple making a difference, living with passion & keeping it simple.

I had the opportunity to go to Wild Child Village while it was still under construction and I was pretty blown away at the whole vision:

Wild Child Village is a conscious community grounded in permaculture, artistic expression, traditional and modern spiritual practice, and a commitment to co-create new understandings of self and tribe.

The foundation of our ethos is based on non-linear self-organizing systems – Nature. We are continually in progress, sculpting and creating our village so we may resonate, revise, harmonise, help and heal people’s lives.

Wild Child Village believes and operates on the ancient system of cooperation and communal evolution. Our tribe lives within the harmonic hierarchies of resonance with family and the family of nature — Brett Mazurek

The site is set up on a hill in the jungle with great views of the Pacific Ocean. Ayampe’s town is only a 20 minute walk away, and so is the beach which attracts a lot of surfers. Wild Child Village will provide a shuttle up & down the hill at specific times.

This particular town really drew me in.

I found out that there is a strong community of locals & foreigners here who are protecting this community in relation to keeping it ethical and community based. I was also impressed that considering it’s a surf spot there’s only 1 bar in the town.

Ayampe sits just off the Route of the Sun, or Ruta del Sol, with the Pacific Ocean on the west and rain-forested mountains on the east.  Most of the Ecuador beaches on the southern coast are very dry.

But Ayampe is in the middle of a micro-climate where the rainforest comes down to the ocean.  This gives it a unique climate not found anywhere else on the southern Ecuador beach coast.

They stand for Nature & Community. Yoga supports that.


10 DAYS : MAY 5-14TH / 2018

Your Retreat will include:

  • A Vegetarian Welcome Dinner on arrival day
  • 2 hour Morning Yoga/Meditation class (energy & heat building pranayama, chanting, vinyasa flow, kriyas & meditation)
  • 2 hour Evening Yoga/ Meditation class (restorative asanas & kriyas & a 30 minute guided meditation)
  • 10 days/9 nights accommodation at Wild Child Village
  • 3 pescetarian and/or vegetarian meals/day
  • Daily shuttles to and from Ayampe Beach
  • Community and private compost toilets & jungle showers
  • Los Frailes & Ayampe River Basin Hike


$ 1500 US – Single

$ 1300 US – Sharing

  • 50% non refundable deposit secures your place
  • Balance due March 4th / 2018

MichelleBartoloYoga & Wild Child Village are pairing up to design a Yoga/Adventure retreat in the outmost of natural enviornments with forward thinkers & visionaries for a journey that will be memorable, healthy, educational, FUNNNNN & relaxing, all in one.

If you’re eager to learn more about Wild Child Village : Facebook  Instagram: 

Please Note:

This retreat is limited to 12 guests, so if this retreat creates faster beats in your heart space drop me a message and I’ll book you in asap!




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