Self-care, self-care, and more self-care is the motto of the month. Make an attainable plan and take action -MM

New Year Blessings to you all as we sit here in 2020 just like that – the end of a decade and the beginning of another – I did a reflection on the past 10 years and it feels like I’ve passed through many lifetimes…how about you? 

Along the way I’ve observed that life kept getting better when I took care of myself MORE – like expressing my vulnerabilities, boundaries, emotions & healing my triggers from past traumas – from honouring when it’s time to rest in solitude to when it’s time to be social – and to honour those I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by who also respect these wishes when requested. I read a quote awhile back that said the only ones offended by your boundaries are the ones who were taking advantage of you not having any – that resonated with me.

This month is about reflecting on what you’ve been neglecting towards your self care – taking the time to re evaluate your priorities and how they are serving your mind, body & spirit. A few months ago I was having a hard time making a personal decision – my partner told me to do what makes my heart feel most open – and that made it all so clear – I carry that advice with me all the time nowadays, so simple yet I find many of us try to please out of guilt and worry which serves no one, least of all ourselves.

I kicked off 2020 with a 5 Day Kundalini Cleanse which leaves me feeling lighter, energetic & clear.
This is the cleanse if you’re interested and it’s recommended to do it every 3 months to give our digestive system the care it deserves

Day 1 & 5 – Raw Vegetables Only
Day 2 & 4 – Liquids and Soups Only (vegetables)
Day 3 – Lemon Water only

*Herbal teas and lemon water can be had on all 5 days
*No fruits or sugars, no potatoes but sweet potatoes are fine
*Lights spices and oils are fine too 

I’ve created a FREE support group on Facebook where we support one another through Cleanses & Practices, feel free to join the community here

The community is also practicing a 40 Day Frog Challenge – it’s tough going but so beneficial for our creativity, mineral imbalance, clear thinking and digestion – also for the thyroid and parathyroid – they also give you strong thighs and lots of energy! Cheers to self care this is the Kriya of the month.
**Frogs are only advised if knees and eyes are ok – if you feel pains in the sides of the kneecaps don’t do them but if the thighs are a burning you’re on the right track 😉
Here’s a link on how to do the frog pose correctly

Feel free to drop me a line anytime with your experiences, comments and/or concerns….
I also have Tuesday and Friday mornings from 7am Malta time open for anyone interested in online Private classes – incredibly convenient.

You can look forward to this month being active, productive and transformational. It is up to you to make it that way and it will take work and discipline.
Get support when you need it so you are not going about it alone, even if it is just the encouragement of others on the same page.
Revisiting your boundaries and setting new ones where needed are another aspect of this month’s potential for improvement and change. – Mystic Mamma

Wishing you all a month of support as you step up your Self Care practice to be the best you can be.

MBY Yoga Related Events in 2020

Weekly KriyaAsana Classes in Gharb, Gozo

Fire, Earth & Ether 
Yoga Sound Bath
With Mawk Phoenix 
Every other Sunday | GOZO

MBY KriyaAsana 200 hr YTT”s
Spring & Fall 2020 | GOZO

MBY Wellness 4 Day Retreat
Fall Equinox | Ontario, Canada (the dates in the test are right, not sure why they haven’t changed here in the  link as of yet)

MBY KriyaAsana Week Long Yoga Retreat
Fall 2020 | GOZO

That’s a wrap compadres
Build the life you want to live 
Michelle x

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