Resistance & Avoidance 

Hi there compadres – I hope you are taking good care of yourselves whichever situation this pandemic may have you in.

I’m a bit tardy in my newsletter sending this month – believe it or not it’s one thing I resist and avoid yet when I get it done I always feel better . This year I vowed to myself that my practice would be to dive into what I avoid & resist – making this commitment to myself made me feel anxious and a wee bit fearful in all honesty, yet I know things don’t go away by ignoring them either. Courage dear heart.

So YES is my answer this year more than NO is.
Since deciding that I’ve said yes to things I wanted to say no to, things I’ve been avoiding that keep creeping up all the same (what we resist persists as the cliche goes)

In return of my YES’s my energy  has expanded and new opportunities and inspiration have come my way. When we look at ourselves in terms of energy the YES path is open and the NO path is not. I was comfortable with the way things were yet I wasn’t being challenged enough. Every now and again our comfort zones need challenge to grow and to not become rigid and boxed in. The YES path has paved ways of opportunity and in return I feel more open, expanded & free.

Now I’m in no way advocating being like Jim Carrey in the film, Yes Man (it’s hilarious if you haven’t seen it check out the clip below) yet his life transforms in a marvellous way when YES enters his life more…

Here are my shares of what I avoid and/or resist:
I resist and avoid saving as my narrative is, I could die tomorrow – yet as a wise friend pointed out – I could not die tomorrow too 🙂
I resist and avoid being in front of a camera which is why I’m doing it more often this year 🙂 (stay tuned for online pre recorded courses)
I resist and/or avoid sharing myself in these newsletters yet the more I do it the easier it becomes and the more feedback I get from you readers as we connect our practices

Dare to Share and/or Reflect:
What do you resist and/or avoid?
What does it feel like to dive into what you resist and/or avoid?
What does it feel like to internally inquire everything you resist and/or avoid, ‘What would someone who loved themselves do?’

I’d love to hear your reflections if you’re willing to share or just use this as a journal entry to let it come up and out of you

If you are going to believe your mind every time resistance comes
You are going to be in a long standing relationship with avoidance & suffering – Mooji

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