Hi Everyone!

Hope you’re all finding time for being amidst our world of doing.

I’ve been struggling with putting a yoga video out for some time now. I was never quite happy with the outcome for oh so many reasons up until now. I’ve dropped my idealistic way of what it should look like and have accepted what has become a great collaboration with a tribe of generous & talented folks supporting what I’m here to give.

This is the very first MBY KriyaAsana video of its kind and I do hope you find it easy to follow, challenging enough to work to your edge & calm enough to help you find more peace. I’d love to hear your feedback or special requests.

These online classes will be available to you mid June when you can subscribe monthly for an exchange of $20 USD which will give you unlimited classes. Each month I will be adding more classes to my library for you to follow & each class will have a different theme.

This first full class is 52 min with meditation at the beginning & at the end, along with kriyas & vinyasa to hit every corner of your mind & body for a full tune in.

I’m looking so forward to sharing my practices with you all 🙂

Please email MBY: info@michellebartoloyoga.com to find out how to subscribe


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