Motivation & Drive
Let Food be Thy Medicine

I hope this month finds you navigating a new way of fitting into this different kind of year, with new growth goals & insight. It’s been a year of getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

On a personal note August has us travelling through Switzerland, the land of deliciously fresh mountain cheese & creamy mouth watering chocolate – which I can’t have ANY of. Here’s my practice of discomfort – letting go of my comfort food choices. Challenging? Oh yes, I’m finding it WAY more challenging than the Covid situation in all honesty. Yet ADAPTABILITY is the only way. My motivation is HEALTH and my drive is ALIVE. When my thoughts have me believing I’m missing out I override them with ‘I reject that thought’ &  it’s working like a charm!

After a few trips to my Chinese Doctor for digestive issues I was put on a special diet which has been a BIG challenge while on the road. Yet it’s making my will stronger and my belly better in the long run (I hope!)
Although most of these things were never a huge part of my daily diet, I’ve been advised to completely avoid all dairy, spicy foods, gluten, sugar (even from fruits) alcohol & chocolate. I need to drink two glasses of ginger & lemon water each morning followed by two glasses of fresh pure celery juice, followed by a blend of Chinese Herbs & fasting 18 hours between dinner and the following days first meal. I’m also repeating affirmations 20 times/day and practicing yoga & meditation, getting plenty of fresh air and exercise as usual.

It’s been a mission while on the road but I have been beautifully supported by my partner, his familia & my chinese doc. I am SO grateful for the support they have shown in preparing us meals which are suitable, it really warms my heart & I hope that it will teach others to take care of themselves when times call for it, regardless of the pressure that may be thrown our way.

I believe we’ve turned into a society that would rather pop a pill than change our diet. That’s a pretty sad state of affairs and I get it – it’s hard. Yet it’s through that resistance that we get stronger. I’ve noticed my love affair for cheese runs long and deep, it’s the glue that I thought was holding my life together :)) .
Letting it go is my biggest struggle. I love cheese WAY more than it loves me. It’s like letting a destructive relationship go, it hurts in many ways yet we know the time has come to say goodbye….

Is there anything you feel it’s time to let go of? A habit that no longer serves your growth or an old way of being that holds you back? These are the practices that develop our strength, growth & attachment humanly habits.

I always love hearing back from my readers with any shares this may trigger


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Inner power to all you peoples from zee Swiss mountains, green pastures and happy cows 🙂


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