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Michelle Bartolo shares an insightful story as she witnessed kindness for the greater good.
To stave off the sweats in Gozo recently we travelled north to Norway & Switzerland and oh what a literal breath of fresh air it was in so many ways. There is one particular act of kindness I was lucky to be a witness to that I’d like to share. During one of our flights, I noticed one of the stewards was not in a friendly mood. I couldn’t tell if he was sad or angry, yet I could tell he didn’t want to be there. His demeanour was closed, he was sure not to make eye contact with anyone and walked so fast up and down the aisle that you had no chance of asking him for assistance.

Kindness For The Greater Good Gozo in the House
A few rows down, in the aisle seat on the opposite side, was a big strong looking healthy man with his partner. As the steward flew by him he managed to halt his speed and asked him for some assistance. The steward stopped at this patron’s seat many times throughout our flight & each time they spoke for a little longer and created a deeper connection. Each time the steward went to speak to the patron he walked away a bit lighter. Then (from what my ears could hear) the steward was willing to do this man the favour he asked for (think it was about a connecting flight as the flight we were on was delayed).

They spoke to each other eye to eye, I could feel their connection continue to grow and hold respect even from where I was seated, I was drawn to their exchange of kindness, as it was so real.

The steward had succeeded in helping the patron and the patron dug into his bag and pulled out a patch that represented the police force he was in. He gave the steward this patch and expressed his gratitude for helping him so kindly. He then rolled up his sleeve to show the steward the tattoo on his arm that was the same as the patch he was gifting him.

The steward’s energy heightened instantly. He became soft and sunny & the glow in his eyes was back. He thanked him with his hand on his heart and told the patron that his grandfather was also a police officer and that he was very close to him. They exchanged a few words with the energy between them being full of light & love.

“Helping others is a universal virtue and a very affordable and economic way to benefit others and our own wellbeing. As the saying goes, helping others is helping yourself.”

Kindness For The Greater Good Gozo in the House
It was a heartwarming experience to witness the change in our steward’s disposition in a matter of an hour by the kindness & connection this patron shared. When the steward continued his work he had a lightness that surrounded him and it appeared to me that the clouds around him had let the sun in. He was ready to serve us all with joy and light. He walked up and down the aisle with a different strut, one of a much happier man.

What does kindness mean for you?
Go spread what you wish to grow – wishing you all a great season ahead!

Michelle. X

Kindness For The Greater Good Gozo in the House

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Kindness For The Greater Good Gozo in the House
Author: Michelle Bartolo
Michelle Bartolo is a Yoga Guide based in Gozo. Blending the styles of Vinyasa & Kundalini with Pranayama Practices, Mindful Meditation and Quantum Physics, she offers holistic classes, private sessions, retreats and training using yoga tools to heal the emotional, mental and physical bodies.

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