Hoping that you all had a creative & light festive season. Many I know had to celebrate this year alone due to the pandemic issues – I hope you found solace & love in your own company and used it as the gift of the day that it is to connect within.

Also THANK YOU to all the lovely souls out there who responded to my last email!!
I got the most responses I’ve ever had by sharing something so personal. That’s why we share, to connect and let others know they are not in this alone. THANK you to those who shared their personal journeys with me – keep em coming to stay OPEN.

The practice this month is working with fear. With all the news related to this pandemic, the US elections and all the upheaval happening in our lives many are becoming consumed with the emotion of fear.
Fear is the opposite of love so my new practice is to send LOVE to any of my FEARS when they arise.
When we change the energy of  fear it no longer closes us up, makes us rigid, controlling, sick & generally not fun to be around. You deserve better conditions than that.

The practice is to visit each fear you have. FEEL it in your body. Then teach it courage by guiding the way & FEEL that in your body. You just became stronger than your fear from that simple practice.

We will always have fears. They come and go. They become dangerous when we allow them to be stronger than we are. By guiding our fear we are showing it LOVE, just as you would a small child who is scared. Transform that emotion into LOVE to keep you open, healthy & free.

Here is the latest recording of our Soundbath & Meditation.
Fire, Earth & Ether will be recording a session for your free relaxing pleasure once/month. Initially it was meant to be every 2 weeks but we couldn’t keep up with that.  The theme is Releasing Fears and we hope you find some comfort through it. Feel free to let us know how it worked for you

Make friends with your fears and offer them love. Offer love to each person you encounter who is feeling fearful. Let us transform and open together.

MBY 2021 Offerings:

Private Online Sessions
Suited to your Individual needs
Zoom or Skype

Kundalini Workshop in Gozo
Saturday Feb 5th
11 – 3pm

MBY KriyaAsana 200hr Yoga Teacher Training
April 28th – June 12th
October 20th – December 4th

MBY Inside/Out Retreat
October 9 – 16th
(more details soon!)

Wishing you all a great inner start to the new year – be kind to yourselves
Michelle xx

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