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 Wowza! What a weekend. First, survived another 50 knots past our mast during a cozy hot chocolate and movie night with the boys down below. Then productive morning (last spurt of internet before it left us) handing in my final exam of a five year spectacular Ayurveda course and finished editing another fantastic Happy Dancer video (next post… watch out!). Featured in a local video shootage. Fullmoon promenade walk en famille. Sunday morning, lectured 70 psychology students on mindfulness at the University of Malta, followed by a beautiful Yin Yoga class at the Gallery, as usual, on a Sunday after-noon. Couldn’t ask for more.

While honouring its rich history and intriguing culture, Malta feels so alive and contemporary. I’m keen to share it’s aliveness with you, not only through our own experiences, but also by portraying inspirational local people and businesses of the kind that follow their hearts, dreams and passions. The kind of people you meet who make you have hope in the world. The kind who make you feel warm in the heart. The kind who make you go home and pursue your passion also because the sparkle in their eyes is a living prove that life doesn’t need to be mediocre. Life can be ANYTHING you want it to be.

Every Monday when I feel it, I will be asking someone the same seven questions from this i-spot of civilisation in the midst of the sparkling blue Mediterranean Sea. What a better person to start this series off with than beautiful Michelle Bartolo, my yogini in crime who I will be running next week’s booked out blissful Yoga retreat on Gozo with.


You in a few words
I’m have been an active type of person most of my
life. I’ve always enjoyed working in health & fitness and then that led
into yoga very naturally. It was time to find some peace in my life. Yoga
has taught me more than my years off the mat has. I’m so glad I followed
that path.

Your business in a few words

I host classes, workshops & retreats on Malta & Gozo and have been
teaching now for 10 years. I don’t feel like I’m ‘working’ as such and that
is something I’ve always wished for. There is never a day that passes
where I feel like I’m doing something that I really don’t want to do. My
passion for this ‘work’ has lasted more than other job I’ve had in the
past. You work on a very personable level with people and it can be
incredibly intimate, energising and somewhat overwhelming at times. That’s
the reason why I love it so much.

Your greatest inspiration

My greatest inspiration is humans themselves. We are amazing creatures
and so different in many ways. Through the retreats I meet many people
from all over the world and it never seizes to amaze me all of the
different things people do. I feed off my clients as much as they get from
me, it really is a two way road. I have always ‘felt’ a lot, and somehow
the connections in classes turn into this pretty magical jam session where
we are all involved creating a song as we learn to move to different
beats. Watching how everyone does the same move different and how they
flow in different ways always amazes me. Without them I couldn’t do what I

Your biggest dream

Dreams, ah yes I have lots of those. To pinpoint which is the biggest
dream is the hard part 🙂 I really want to take my teaching to another
level, and am currently trying to get it implemented into the kids
physical education system here in Malta. I just imagine what it would have
been like to grow up with all of this mind & body awareness. That’s top of
my dream’s list as well as taking it to troubled countries where the
people could really use the techniques to find some peace on the inside.

Your favourite quote

My favourite quote…ohhh again, I’m full of clichés. But I think this
one lies very close to the top
idea who’s words they are though)

Milestone moments on the path to get where you are today

My first yoga class. It connected me to something I hadn’t connected to
before. I was 27 years old at the time. Once I found the teacher who
really resonated with me I knew it was what I wanted to be doing. It was
more clear than anything in my life has ever been. There was no question
about it. That meant a lot to me cause I was always so unsure of what I
was going to do. I just floated with lots of freelance gigs but there was
no focus. The practice really made me feel grounded and that for me was a
milestone I had been searching for. Yoga has always been my answer since

And the future?

Ahh the dreaded question of the future….
I’m very much a here and now kinda gal. I just want my health on a
physical and mental level. To have close friends whom I can trust and
family that I love around me. To continue doing what sets my soul on fire
no matter what.



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More on Michelle and her yoga at


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