Hope you are enjoying a level of freedom again as restrictions lift and we can all breathe easier again. I find it incredibly beautiful to notice how many of us are so happy to be doing the things we always took for granted before this pandemic hit.

I remind myself and my students regularly that there is always two sides to everything. The positives and the not so much so…I find it a much easier way to navigate life and at the end of the day we will all believe what works for us and from our level of perception.

There is no right or wrong. Just different lenses.

If we live from the truth of our heart we will always be filled with love.
I came across this bit of writing last week which I found inspiring

‘I think we became too rational of a society. At some point we starting ‘trusting science’ more than our intuition. Don’t get me wrong, I’m big on reading and educating ourselves, learning from others with insight. But anytime I’ve gotten myself into a big mess in life was because I wasn’t living inside out – from guts to heart – people can bash people who feel alot , but I promise you, those people are the ones living that dream life you can’t seem to figure out.’ – Michaela Reneej

May we all listen to our hearts more.
May we all feel more.
Use the heart as your charger – plug in to your LOVE charger
Cheesy as it may sound – it works 😉

Some more great news….
If you want more kriya practices subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel. There are plenty of 30 minute practices which you can do from a chair. These practices were all created for We Connect Malta, a holistic wellbeing project by the FIDEM Charity Organisation




Michelle x

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