A Yoga & Sound Bath event that will run every other Sunday commencing Sunday January 5th in Gharb from 19.00 -21.00

Working with the element of FIRE as we silently move through Sun Salutations to cleanse our inner & outer energy fields to live soundscapes by Mawk Phoenix – followed by grounding restorative poses to connect us to the support of the EARTH below & sensing our still selves as we nurture that relationship – deeper into Yin we set ourselves up to rest in the space of ETHER as we meditate on the vibrations of soothing sounds in stillness

Leaving you open & free to create the week ahead in peace & harmony

Every Other Sunday starting Sunday Jan 5th / Sunday Jan 12th / Sunday Jan 19th/ Sunday Jan 26th & ongoing

Date: Sunday Jan 5th
Time: 19.00 – 21.00
Location: 17 Bishop Molina Street, Pjazza Praga / Gharb
Investment: 20 euros

Booking is necessary
All levels welcome
Mats & Blocks provided

When we practice together, we support one another

SatNamNamaste 🙂

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