Finding Meaning

Good morning, good afternoon or maybe good evening to all of ye – September has arrived and here in Gozo we’re hoping the cooler temperatures will start soon as it’s been one HOT summer!
We did manage to jet set off the isla for a month to France, Switzerland & the Azores and I’ll never underestimate the inspiring power that travelling provides. Looking around with a new set of eyes as we set sights on natures magnificence, getting lost through streets we’ve never walked, sitting in cafes and watching all the lovely peoples, bathing in waterfalls, hots springs and the sea. Back home now refreshed and waiting for the weather to match. 🙂

The search for meaning becomes predominant for me when I travel.
Have you ever wondered about life’s meaning?
Do you ever find meaning through your challenges and/or conflicts?
Do you have a habit of giving everything you go through a meaning?
Do you ever make a situation into a story that means more than it really did?

Finding Meaning….

My niece recently recommended a great book called ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ written by Vicktor E Frankl. This man survived 3 concentration camps and as a psychiatrist he had a very interesting perspective as he watched how everyone dealt with the situation they were in. His conclusion is that those who made it through were the ones who could find MEANING through what they were experiencing. The ones who couldn’t, didn’t make it, they couldn’t see the point in going any further.

I like that kind of meaning machine. It leads us to growth and an eloquent way of seeing our challenging situations.
If LIFE were to ask you “What is the meaning of your LIFE?” would you have an answer?
If you don’t here is a breath practice to connect you deeper IN

A breath practice to bring you closer to you:
* In a comfortable seated position begin to notice your natural breath cycle
* Now begin to inhale and count to 5-6 the exhale to a count of 6-10
* Do this for a few minutes
* Once you’re comfortable with that begin to inhale and exhale for 5-6 seconds and hold the inhale in for 3-6 seconds and then hold the exhale out for 3-6 seconds.
* Do this for a few minutes
Then release, come back to your natural breath and notice how everything feels.
The slower our breath the more in tune we become.

Here’s a talk I found informative, inspiring and forward thinking from one of my favourite doctors who is also an environmentalist –

Wishing you all a lens that allows you to see the bigger picture
SatNamNamaste & thanks for reading!

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