The fear is real, right?

As it should be as we are human and it’s a natural way of feeling.

Here’s a practice I’d like to share with y’all to bring you in your power with fear, instead of it powering you.

Sit with your eyes closed and take a few deep long breaths

Then think of your biggest fear. Notice how your body feels as soon as you take your mind towards it. Notice where in your body you feel it the most.

Keep them breaths deep, long & equal.

Sit and listen to it, just observe what it creates within you.

Then, think of how you plan to work with the fear. Placing yourself back in the drivers seat where fear no longer controls you, but you control it.

Now notice how that starts to feel in your body.

Breaths are still long deep & equal directed to where you felt the fear the most.

Next, visualise yourself living your life with that fear no longer immobilising you. You are back in power. Visualise your life without the fear and notice how that feels.

Stay there a good while creating a very detailed landscape of your life in control of your fear and give this practice a go everyday until the voice of your fear has less and less impact on your inner world.

Just Listen.

Kriya for Fear:

Sit with both arms outstretched in front of you at shoulder height.

Make a fist with your thumbs on the inside. Your thumb should press on the base of your pinky finger.

Turn your right wrist to the left & your left wrist to the right.

Both fists will be turning in towards one another.

Take your gaze to the tip of your nose and keep breathing

Do this for 1-3min

40 days straight will give you the best results


Send that fear flying 🙂


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