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December has begun – Is it just me or does it feel like the years fly by faster the older/wiser we become? heheee

At the end of each year we like to sit and reflect on what the past year was like for us – here’s some questions to instigate your mental rewind into 2021

* How did the year feel when it started ?
* What were your intentions & goals at the beginning of 2021?
* Did you follow through with them?
* Where did you do well and where could you have done better?
* What new things have you learned this year?
* How do you feel about the past year in general?

Let’s acknowledge ourselves for what deserves ‘a pat on the back’. On the other side of that coin we learn to  accept & send love into our shortcomings and be more aware of feeding them what they need next year.

The practice that gives me the most stability and teaches me to stick to the commitments I make is a morning practice, everyday – NO MATTER WHAT – it could be 5 minutes or 1 hour depending on the amount of time available.
Let’s create an anchor of stability, presence and balance.

As a special new year treat I’ve decided to invite all of you to my next 40 day Sadhana 

What is Sadhana?
It’s a practice of breath, movement and/or sound, meditation & kriyas. It can be just one of these elements or all of them.
In the Yogic tradition it’s believed that it takes 40 days to break any negative habits that block you from the expansion possible through breath, kriya or mantra.

These practices can be done at any time of day but it’s important to choose the same time of day. These sessions will be recorded so if you are in a different time zone and would like to join you can. You can also do them at the time that suits your schedule.

As a special gift for the holiday season I will be running this 40 Day Sadhana live on ZOOM as an Introduction to Sadhana for this one time special offering of 40 euros.

I will continue to run a few of these throughout the year – this one is for you to experience the beauty of these practices as a part of your everyday life. The practices will change weekly with breath, sound and movement practices that are all seated & suit all levels, meeting you where you’re at.

WhenJanuary 17 – February 25th
7.00 – 7.30am CET EVERYDAY


“All sadhana is meant to purify the mind and make the mind one-pointed and inward so it can be directed toward the centre of consciousness within the inner chamber of your being. Physical growth is in the hands of nature; mental growth and spiritual growth are in your hands.” – Swami Rama

With a hand to my heart I wish you all a season full of love from the inside out – spread it thick to those that need it and remember the higher way of service, love & forgiveness – all the best to you and your loved ones and out into the world 

Fire Earth & Ether are back with our FREE Soundbath Meditations
Here is Decembers practice for your relaxing pleasure – we will be sending one out each month for the winter season – enjoy 🙂

My partner in life Marc Dold aka Mawk Phoenix has just launched a course on Udemy for Music Production – he’s professional, wise, experienced and makes it fun to learn & it’s incredibly affordable if you or anyone you know maybe interested

MBY Offerings 2021/2022

KriyaAsana Classes LIVE ON ZOOM
Tuesdays 18.30 CET
Booking necessary

Private Classes LIVE ON ZOOM 
in your space and at your designed for your individual needs

Yoga, Art & Sound Workshop
Saturday December 11th | GOZO

108 Sun Salutations for Winter Solstice
In person & LIVE ONLINE 
Tuesday December 21st
8 – 10 am CET

A Day of Silence | 2022
January 15th | GOZO
9 – 5pm (lunch included)
email: info@michellebartoloyoga.com for more information

40 Day Sadhana | LIVE ONLINE
January 17 – February 25th  
7.00 – 7.30am CET

MBY KriyaAsana 200 hr YTT 
Spring & Fall

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