The best advice I was given by the great teacher Simon Borg Olivier was to always have 3 or 4 teachers that you practice with regularly.

This gives you a toolbox of different styles and theories allowing you to connect to a wider scope of the yogic lifestyle while diversifying your very essence within the practice.

Yoga is not meant to limit you in any way. It represents freedom. Be aware of any practice that is being given that is saying this is the only yoga you have to do, this is the best yoga, this yoga is better than that yoga etc. etc…

Competition is not the way forward – collaboration is.

Weave your web. Observe the teachers who inspire you and whom you admire, we can either listen to the defeatist voice which says ‘I could never do anything like that’; or we can say ‘I’ll have what they’re having’, and learn from them as elders and all the teachers who have taught them.

Dip your stretchy toes into as many styles as you can and you will notice along your journey that you will be attracted to a few different teachers styles depending on what your needs are. Bind them together, yoga is UNION after all.

Allow your practice to be as multi yogi’d as the world is multi cultural.

Don’t listen to the Defeatist Monkeys who may tell you that one style is the way to go.  This stunts your growth. Those who want you to grow will tell you to try different styles, different teachers –  to be an explorer and to have your own experience as opposed to following – the best teachers will not want to keep you small and scared as in truth you are a vast and expansive force of nature with infinite potential.

Embody Yoga as Union on all levels, mind, body & connection to the different styles in all languages and from all sorts of teachers. Mash it up. Be eclectic & notice how you grow.

Collaboration, not Competition




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