Awakening the Ten Bodies:

Hola compadres!
I hope this newsletter finds you in a good inner space while the world navigates it’s way around viruses, vaccinations and freedom of choice.

It’s been a hot sweaty start to the summer here in Gozo.
We kicked off Summer with 108 Sun Salutations with a group of 6 of us, done in just 1 hour, the energy was amazing as you can see from our faces 🙂

How’s summer starting for you all?

This month I’m  working with the Ten Bodies as we study in the Kundalini Tradition
In the west we are fixated on the physical body and most familiar with it – but could you imagine that your physical body is like the suitcase for a few other bodies too?

The Ten Bodies Are:
The Soul Body, the Positive, Negative & Neutral Mind, the Physical Body, the Pranic Body, the ArcLine, the Auric Body, the Subtle Body & the Radiant Body

Here are some questions to ignite the Ten Bodies:
* What part of your mind do you listen to most? The Positive, Negative or        Neutral?
* Do you feel connected to the voice of your soul? If so, write down how…
* Do you feel physically balanced? If not, why?
* Do you trust and listen to your intuition?
* Do you find it hard or easy to trust in general?
* Do you find you have an excess of energy, a stable amount of energy or         do you often feel low in energy?
* Do you practice seeing beyond what is right in front of you?

As yoga practitioners we learn that in addition to the Western way of looking at anatomy, there is also a more subtle energetic anatomy to awaken to. One of the ways we can understand our existence and enhance our potential is to learn about and work with our Ten Bodies .

The work is to keep these Ten Bodies in a state of balance. The middle way. As with most things in life if we can just find that centre line we remain in harmony, in balance with the universe.

Here is a 30 minute FREE practice to Awaken the Ten Bodies which can all be done seated. There are a few FREE practices on my YouTube Channel so please do subscribe and enjoy the practices & the FREE soundbath meditations as much as you like!

I appreciate your readership very much and it’s always a pleasure to hear from those of you who get some insights through these newsletters and/or those of you willing to share some of yours…

MBY 2021 Offerings:

KriyaAsana Live on ZOOM | Tuesdays
18.30 – 19.45 CET
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Kundalini Workshop – Detoxing the Mind
Saturday September 25th | GOZO
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