Woman Going Grey Reporting:

I’ve been grey haired and dyeing my hair for many years now.
I’ve stepped into numerous salons with curiosity to how I’d be supported if I mentioned that I want to grow out my grey hair – It’s sad, scary, aggravating & a whole host of emotions to report that 90% of the time the feedback I received from both the stylists and the other female customers present was –
‘No, you can’t do that – you will look so OLD’ :\\ shocking!

How much more UNSUPPORTIVE can it get?

This always made my blood boil as I’m a firm believer in women supporting women.
Who is to say that we all want to look young forever?
Why is it all about ANTI AGEING instead of PRO AGEING?
So much social pressure assumed that what we ALL want is to look young forever.
Further into my research I came across an article by the Guardian about which bikinis are best for what shape and each paragraph stated how a woman can make her body look better than it already is – ARGH!
No wonder we have such a hard time accepting ourselves…

My next step was to research some bios of women who did it, grey hair and all – the ones who were happy to embrace the age and stage that they were in – the practice is presence and as one woman stated:
‘I’m not young anymore, I was at one stage and now I want to experience the age of where I am’ – now that INSPIRED me…

So further along the lines of grey here I am at 50 letting it all GROW – it’s funny how just a few months ago I felt dirty to see my grey roots show and now it doesn’t bother me at all – a simple MIND switch and I embrace my new look with curiosity along with all the different looks I receive as I GROW along, not stuck in my youth, not stuck to others opinions or the social pressures we’ve been subjected to.

I do this not just for me but for all women, for my nieces, for their children, for my students and for those women who think we all want to look young forever. In hope that all men will stand alongside their women and support them as they embrace the natural phase that they are in.

Men & Women alike lets Unite for Naturalism & Acceptance.
Supporting one another to Embrace the Age we ARE.

“There are plenty of things to be anti about…aging isn’t one of them” – Jamie Lee Curtis

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