This workshop is for you to be able to make informed choices for safe variations for your future yoga classes and students- maybe even yourself.
We all love the ancient practice of yoga and believe in the benefits of all its aspects including Hatha- the movement practice.

The lecture will combine the latest insights in anatomy and physiology as well as exercise principles to this beautiful holistic practice and like that build a bridge from past to present practice.
Nowadays we might be more open to individualise our yoga practice to our personal needs and limitations. We have to be aware of the benefits yet also of the shortcomings of asana practice.
Anne Soffken (more about her below) will share her research and the opinions she has formed based on her practice & her experience in clinical practice.

Joint structure and function
In the first part of the lecture we will focus on joint anatomy and function based on the hip and shoulder joints.

We will revise the anatomical structures such as ligaments and muscles related to hip and shoulder complex. Then we move on to integrating this in the bigger picture.

Natural variation
Not every person who practices yoga has a picture book structured body. What we see in anatomy books is just a simplified version of an average structure. I will show you a glimpse of what nature has to offer

Muscle and Myofascia
What are muscles? How do they work? What is myofascia and how can we use its properties in our yoga practice?

How does myofascia play an integral part in the make up of our core musculature? We will look into the muscles and structures involved in keeping the centre of our body stable.

SI joint
We will revise the anatomy of the SI joint and its relationship with our core function. Why is the SI joint such a weak spot in yoga practice? How can we prevent yoga injuries and teach a safer practice?

About Anne:

Anne Soffken
Anne’s yoga classes are inspired by her long standing fascination for anatomy and physiology. With 15 years of experience in manual therapy and movement education which allowed her to look at yoga from a therapists perspective. When Anne was introduced to yoga she immediately thought this movement practice has great potential to guide people through an exploration of the postural integrity of their bodies as well as establishing a mind body connection. Enabling a person to truly heal from the inside. Anne is also a mother of 2 year old Bruno, who keeps her on the ball and makes the mindful movement practice even more challenging and fun.

Anne trained as a physiotherapist in Hamburg, Germany. After some time in practice she started seeking a more holistic approach to patient care. She went to study osteopathy at the European School of Osteopathy in Kent, England. This Masters Degree course entailed structural osteopathic techniques and orthopedic diagnosis as well as training in cranial osteopathy and visceral techniques. Anne has great interest in the influence of fascial tensions and restrictions on a person’s posture, well being and performance. In 2016 Anne also did Michelle Bartolo’s 200 hr KriyaAsana privately in Malta.

Date: Sunday July 5th

Location: Gharb, GOZO

Time: 14.00 – 18.00

Cost: 50 euros (full payment secures space)

Booking in advance is necessary
Payments can be made via Revolut and/or bank transfer
Private message Michelle Bartolo to book & get details

Looking forward to welcoming Anne, hope you can join us 🙂

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