August Newsletter

Aligning with the planetary times as they are back in their natural orbits – we are now supported & set to propel forward with our creative heartfelt instincts & discoveries. During the next 10 weeks we are supported with our ability to co ordinate, put things together & understand the whole in all its parts
Augusts theme is to set the creativity of your hearts sensitive energy into motion by using DISCOVERY – that may be a talent you never knew you had, a truth about a passion that needs to be cultivated , a relationship and/or friendship that no longer serves your growth, courage to let go of what holds you back & knowing you can and/or practicing becoming aware of your actions, reactions & intentions instead of projecting our expectations & inner issues onto others. Make it playful, light & always real to your hearts truth. Be vulnerable in your communication while sharing your innermost insecurities & fears. Give yourself permission to feel what you feel.

I’ve chosen a kriya this month that stirs up our lower three bodies ( your I AM, I FEEL & I DO centres) to be sure our creativity can flow through & that we are learning to digest all aspects of what life may throw our way as creatively & with a sense of discovery  – remember, PLAY LEADS THE WAY! Here’s the Kriya to balance your lower three bodies –

This kriya balances the lower three bodies, helps with digestion & all the organs that support it, opens up the lower spine, creativity, courage & confidence. Practice this for 2 mins with steady breath & rhythm. Then do 1 more minute as vigorously as you can. 
To end, take a deep inhale and hold it in – then exhale be still & feel your experience.

Diving into these healing kriyas on a deeper level has an incredibly powerful effect on our mind, body & spirit. If you feel the calling I have some options of Teacher Trainings for the deep free divers, Week Long Retreats for the scuba divers a 4 day Fall Equinox Wellness Retreat for the Snorkelers & ongoing classes, privates  & workshops which are also available online for the ones who wanna dip a toe in –

You can choose the depth you wish to go…. a wee bit of funny for ya 😉

MBY KriyaAsana 200 hr YTT in Gozo from September – November for the deep free divers – you decide what you want to heal and I put together a practice that guides you there – full days of practice, support, guidance & connection

MBY Fall Equinox Wellness Retreat for the Snorkelling kind in my homeland – Oh Canadaaah! – think wilderness, bonfires, hikes, incredible healthy artisan food, great hosts, a wood cabin and some light practice.
All that is happening at the 4 day Fall Equinox Wellness Retreat up at Blue Mountain in Ontario from September 19-22. There are 4 spaces left.
A great time for transitions. Read more here:

MBY Inside/Out Week Retreat in Gozo for the scuba divers –  from October 5-12th gives you a holiday, rest & revival with a solid practice to take home. We will be staying in a traditional Gozitan farmhouse in the quiet village of Gharb – it’s my favourite 🙂 Blue waters, warm temps, sunrises & sunsets that create lighting that will awe your socks off & lots of peace & quiet on this little island we call home.
More details here:
If this year just doesn’t work out for you I’ll be in Ayampe, Ecuador in the new year from Jan 10 – Feb 10th for another MBY 200 hr KriyaAsana YTT at Wild Child Village which is an Eco retreat centre built of bamboo in the lush jungle on a hilltop- a perfect place to cut off and dive into the depths of your hearts desires & creativity & to challenge your rigidity by stepping out of your Western creature comforts to live simply in tune with mother nature. Impressive beyond belief – more details here:

Feel free to drop me a line anytime – I was so touched last month to receive so many responses to the newsletter – If you need a kriya for anything at all let me know & if you want to share anything about this practice I’m sending you this time please do!

I thank all of you for your readership & I hope you get some value towards your mind, body & spirit in return.

“It takes courage to endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives” – Marianne Williamson (she’s running for president in the USA – takin it to the next level -check her out! )

Blessings along your way

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