Welcome to June’s Newsletter
Thanks for all the lovely feedback from the last months newsletter, it’s always so
nice to know these are being read & hearing from y’all makes me smile so THANK YOUA few years back I wasn’t adapting to everything that was happening in my life with much grace.
I remember seeing this slogan on a large poster in LA ‘ Adapt to Whatever Life Throws at You.’
It was one of them AH HA moments – it instantly made me feel more peaceful & reminded me of the ‘flexibility’ we practice to keep us balanced in mind, body & spirit. This ‘slogan’ became my inner daily dialogue. A surfer of life & right now, SURF’S UP!
For the fun of it and cause I LOVE penguins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e96_1NxL9noAs we’re thrown into these revolutionary times Adaptability will make it as easy as it possibly can be.
It’s a sad time on our planet, when one country suffers, we all do – when humans are suffering we all do – this year has proved how all ‘one’ we are. Start small and treat the people around you with great love.On the topic of LOVE &  hearing how many of you enjoyed Dr Zach Bush’s shares here’s a much shorter message from him (11 min) that hit all my heart strings. In times with so much uncertainty I choose what makes me feel more love and that’s also what I choose to spread – if everything is energy than let’s spread LOVE instead of FEAR – Love heals, Fear doesn’t.

I also believe in the alignment of the planets having an effect on our lives – the alignment they are in now and have been in since the beginning of the year has always been a revolutionary time – it somehow makes it a bit easier to digest that this is all part of the universal process.

Here’s a great explanation from an astrologer my partner has been seeing for many years – practical and useful information on what’s happening in the skies

I wish for us to adapt to all that comes our way – I wish for all of us to communicate our truth even if it makes us feel vulnerable – I wish that through this communication of our truth we will heal our separateness & isolation

As we’ve heard it said, the more difficult the subject, the more healing is to be gained from talking about it. 

MBY’s 2020 Offerings 

108 Sun Salutations for Summer Solstice | GOZO
Collaborative donation based event for the Gozo SPCA
Sunday June 21st at The Citadel, Victoria
(message for more details)

Full Moon Kirtan | GOZO
Monthly collaborative Donation based event for the Gozo SPCA | GOZO

KriyaAsana LIVE Classes in Gharb, GOZO
Mondays & Wednesdays
18.30 – 20.00
Here’s the free online class if any of you have missed it

MBY Private Online Sessions 
From your country to mine
Tailored to your individual needs

MBY Inside/Out Retreat Week | GOZO
October 10th – 17th

MBY KriyaAsana 200 hr YTT | GOZO
October 21st – December 6th


With my hand to my heart I leave you with these wise words

Like Einsten said “we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Let’s expand our thinking and let’s get massively creative with new ways to implement change.

Blessings to all
Michelle x

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