Finding Meaning Good morning, good afternoon or maybe good evening to all of ye – September has arrived and here in Gozo we’re hoping the cooler temperatures will start soon as it’s been one HOT summer! We did manage to jet set off the isla for a month to France, Switzerland & the Azores and […]

Woman Going Grey Reporting: I’ve been grey haired and dyeing my hair for many years now. I’ve stepped into numerous salons with curiosity to how I’d be supported if I mentioned that I want to grow out my grey hair – It’s sad, scary, aggravating & a whole host of emotions to report that 90% […]

Remembering to pause and take a breath before we react, can shift the energy of the outcome. We have all had the experience of reacting in a way that was less than ideal upon hearing bad news, or being unfairly criticized, or being told something we did not want to hear. This makes sense because […]