Blessings to all who have crossed our Paths

I’m a true believer that we meet everyone for some reason. Everyone crosses our path to teach us something. I’d like to wish you all a great Holiday Season and may 2019 bring us all more peace, love, strength and joy. Here is a poem I’d like to share with all of you. In some […]

Resolve to Evolve: Anahata Retreat Weekend /GOZO/ Feb 15-17th

The Journey back to the Heart is CRUCIAL in the Golden Era. As we continue to live from a space of authenticity, vulnerability and compassion, being able to lead with our hearts allows us to not only recognise the other person as ourselves, but also, it helps elevate and heal the collective consciousness on the […]

KriyaAsana Class / December 17th / MALTA

MALTA I’ll be back on the big rock Monday December 17th to teach another KriyaAsana Class We will be working through a kriya set for Prosperity to set us up for an abundant 2019 followed by a Vinyasa Flow sequence to open us up to all that is prosperous. We will close off the class […]