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Greetings earthlings!
Here it is, the last newsletter of 2020 with gifts for mind & body in hope that all is well and healthy in your worlds.

I’d like to share a personal journey I went through a couple months ago.
A cyst was found in my left ovary that was pretty large (5cm x 4cm) & it had to be removed – it even had hair bones & teeth (embryonic matter) – freaky!

It was a surreal experience initially – 3 gyne’s here in Gozo recommended a TOTAL hysterectomy which I thought was nuts for the issue was only inside one ovary. Luckily my chinese doctor recommended another gyne here who is not for just pulling everything out – whew – she helped ease my worries very much so and left me feeling hopeful – always follow your gut!

For the next 3 months I was on a strict diet prescribed by my Chinese doctor to remove dampness which contributes to cyst growth and repeated daily affirmations AND I managed to shrink this ‘dermoid’ cyst 2cm!! YET it was still recommended to remove my ovary for it could keep shrinking and growing & maybe even burst and create ovarian cancer. Physically the diet suited me greatly as it kept me feeling light & energetic so that’s been a keeper.

Mentally, I began researching what ‘energetic’s’ may have helped create this cyst to grow inside of me. In my studies much of what we suffer from is claimed to be psychosomatic. My partner recommended a great book he grew up with titled ‘The Power of Illness’ by Thorwald Dethlefsen.

I opened to the chapter on ovaries. Read a bit and had to close the book a moment as it was a hard truth to face. Yet it was spot on – my mind had been running a programme I was not aware of. I spent three months doing affirmations to change that programming and can now proudly say that ‘new’ programme is naturally running…

That’s my 2020 vision for this year. A real eye opener.
I feel 2020 is showing us where we need to clear up our vision.
It’s like we have been forced to see what we were not willing to look at all of these years – in ourselves, others & in the world. On both an individual & global scale.

What has 2020 forced you to ‘see’?
What did this year teach you about yourself and/or others?
In what area of your life do you feel you’ve grown through this past year?

In hope that you will share & if not at least reflect…

Some tips on how to LEVEL UP your energy
1. Get Honest – we can’t change what we continue to deny. Be brave, be honest.
2. Get to know Yourself – how do you react? do you shut down/shut off & go into       coping & distraction? Engage in ego battles? Guilt/blame the other?
3. Do what you’re Avoiding – it may seem simple but this is ultimately something outside of our comfort zone which is why we’re avoiding it.
4. Baby steps – no matter how small a step committing to facing instead of avoiding is still a HUGE step forward.
5. Honour the Process – there is one way to do this. You will succeed, avoid and go back and forth through this. It is normal. You do not ‘fail’ just because of a ‘misstep’
6. HYPE YOURSELF UP – no one but you sees your progress, encourage & be proud of yourself through it all 

– by the Ace of Moon



I wish you & your loved ones all a merry season
Let’s remember to be grateful for all we have
In mind, body & spirit
Blessings, Peace & Strength


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