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I’m very honoured to announce that AMIR JAAN will be joining me on the May Retreat in Gozo and in August, on the  Yoga & Hiking Retreat in Spain. Amir is a well renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher from London. I attended a few of his classes and they were beyond the description that words can give. His expertise and lyrical essence are complete artistry from the heart. To find out more about Amir you can click here:

In June we hit the French Alps where I am welcoming JENI CARUANA who is a well renowned artist living in Malta. She is a goddess with a paintbrush that dances all on it’s own, I’ve never felt so drawn in by paintings before. Jeni will be teaching basic drawing techniques that can be used as mediations, which she cleverly titled, Drawing Closer to Nature. For more info on jeni click here:
My next guest teacher is INA LOVDAL who is from Norway and is as Zen as Zen can be. She has so much to offer and will be flowing us through some QiGong on my October Retreat in Gozo. Ina showed up on one of my retreats last year and I was so grateful to have her there, she has also appeared in Simon Low’s Yin/Yang video. If you would like to know more about Ina you can click here:

An Inside/Out Retreat is an Investment for yourself, for life…you’re worth it!

Your retreat will include *Yoga *Meditation *Healthy Vegetarian Meals (on some retreats) *Relaxation, tools for Positive Thinking and plenty of Pampering.

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