Where are you laying down your roots? Michelle Bartolo shares how working on our hips, our root chakra (aka Mulhadhara Chakra) is purposeful and necessary practice. Have you ever paid attention to the base of your tailbone? As you sit on the earth can you sense your connection to the earth from your roots as […]

Inspiration struck me to share such a potent practice with you all. The inspiration came to me through many students feedback stating they just didn’t have the discipline to stick to a consistent practice. I know how much I LOVE these 40 day Sadhanas and the beginning of the year is when I always do […]

A full day of practice, breath, movement, connection, healthy food and creativity! Myself and Oana Radu of OR Studio in Victoria, Gozo are excited to bring you a day full of Yoga and Macrame. Set in a farmhouse in Gharb with a Yoga room like a womb and a garden with TREES, yes TREES! Our […]