Inhale, Exhale, REPEAT

Our breath. Our best friend and greatest tool. We wouldn’t be here without it. Have you befriended your breath? Give this a go as you Inhale & Exhale from the nose. Allowing each breath to be long, deep & equal in length for a few rounds, then dropping into allowing your breath to be natural. […]

Competition is not the way forward – Collaboration IS

The best advice I was given by the great teacher Simon Borg Olivier was to always have 3 or 4 teachers that you practice with regularly. This gives you a toolbox of different styles and theories allowing you to connect to a wider scope of the yogic lifestyle while diversifying your very essence within the […]

MBY 200 Hour Teacher Training in Ayampe, Ecuador / August 6 – September 14th , 2018

MBY has been guiding classes and spreading her practice for over 13 years now. She began practicing the art of yoga 19 years ago. Her dedication to her self practice has made her teaching life rich with encounters from students & teachers that ride on the same wave, whether they’re just beginning or are further […]