I’ve a story to share of these two ladies who met on an MBY Inside/Out Retreat in Gozo 3 years ago.

They were strangers to one another arriving from very different backgrounds and countries. One came from Canada and the other from Germany.

They quickly became travel buddies on our week together always choosing a different excursion to explore.

Over the course of 3 years these ladies kept in touch and through some turbulent times in their lives planned to meet once again on an MBY Retreat in Gozo just this month.

Witnessing the bond they’ve formed and how familiar they seem to one another is special.

One of them shared that she’s not listened to much in her everyday life and really appreciated the fact that she could speak and be listened to. It’s how our relationships grow closer as it’s the highest act of LOVE. So many people have mentioned how they are not listened to, we must all listen MORE.

On the last day of our retreat with one another they both committed to meeting one another once / year on retreat as they both adore Gozo.

I admire their courage, their openness and the sense of adventure they share and I’m looking forward to sharing all I’ve got to give with them on future retreats as these are the stories I live for.

LISTEN cause life moves in magical ways


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