” Master, how can I face isolation?

Clean your house. Deep down! In every corner. Even the ones that you never felt the courage and patience to clean up. Make your home bright and well cared for. Remove dust, spider webs, impurities. Even in the most hidden place. Your home represents yourself: take care of it, too.

– Master, but time is long. After taking care of myself and my home, how can I live the isolation?

Fix what can be fixed and remove what you don’t need anymore. Dedicate yourself to the patchwork quilt, sew the start of the pants, sew the worn edges of the dresses, restores a piece of furniture, fix everything that is worth repairing. The rest, throw it away. With gratitude. And with the consciousness that your cycle is over. Fixing and removing what’s outside of you allows you to correct or remove what’s inside.

– Master and then what? What can I do all the time by myself?

Sow! Even a small seed in a vase. Take care of a plant, water it every day, talk to it, give it a name, remove the dry leaves and the weeds that can choke it and steal precious life energy. It’s a way to take care of your inner seeds, your desires, your intentions, your ideals.

– Master what if the void comes to visit me? … If the fear of sickness and death comes?

Talk to them. Prepare the table for them, too, reserve a place for each of your fears. Invite them to dinner with you. And ask them why they came so far to your house. What a message they want to bring you. What they want to communicate to you.

– Master, I don’t think I can do that…

– Your question is not to isolate the problems, but the fear of facing your internal dragons, the ones you always wanted to get away from you. Now you can’t run away. Look in their eyes, listen and you’ll find out that they put you against the wall. They isolated you so they could talk to you. Like the seeds that can only sprout if they are alone.

(original post from Zen Toyo)

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